My Favourite EduBloggers

In no particular order, I recommend these bloggers. I’ve given their Twitter handles too – they’re all worth following.

English Language, English Literature and Literacy:

Fiona Ritson @fkritson:

Rebecca Foster @TLPMsF:

Caroline Spalding @MrsSpalding:

Becky @shadylady222:

Mark Roberts @mr_englishteach:

Freya Odell @Fod3:

Nikki @NooPuddles:

Chris Curtis @Xris32:

Mr Peel @mrpeel:

Sana Master @MsMaster13:

James Theobald @JamesTheo

Matt Pinkett @positivteacha:

Other educational bloggers, not limited to English and all fiercely intelligent, amazing people:

Ros Walker (mainly physics and behaviour) @Rosalindphys

Adam Boxer (chemistry and knowledge) @adamboxer

Ben Newmark (history, education, knowledge, leadership) @bennewmark

Steve Sputnik (English but I have put Steve here as his blog is not subject-specific.)