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Charge of the Light Brigade:


War Photographer:

My Last Duchess:


Blake’s London:

Context and Literary Theory – “Mirrors and Lamps”


Teaching Shakespeare – some thoughts on the language challenge:

A blog about responding to the language and structural analysis questions:

Reflections on sitting a mock with the students:

Kamikaze by Beatrice Garland – a few extra notes:

The problem with mnemonics:

Context and the barriers we face:

Memorising quotations – one suggestion:

I am not here to entertain you (all about the love and passion I have for our subject):

Teaching AQA English Language Paper 1 – Q1 – 4:


Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

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Handwriting at secondary:

Against Pupil-Friendly Language – a blog about dumbing down:


Ten Years a Middle-Leader:

Leading with Research:

Language and Content of Decision-Making Discussions:

Whole-class feedback:

Behaviour – ‘Ready to Learn’ at Orchard School Bristol:

CPD – the need for personalisation:

A political one – the disparity between the state and private sector for the GCSE English assessment methods:

Sexism in our schools (one for #IWD17)

A blog about the problem with predictions, pre-2017 results (as this post ages, it’s important to remember that this was the first year of a new spec and therefore no past data was available, nor were boundaries):


Demanding Perfect – Practice Makes Perfect:

Book Review: The Art of Poetry Vol 6:

One about perspective – absent on results day:

Money for Nothing – a blog about the crap you can buy on the TES:

A response to the Guardian’s Secret Teacher (which seemed to press the wrong buttons):