Brain Gym (don’t worry, it’s not).


This is a picture of the gym at my school, right at the end of a mock examination. I took this picture to help my Y11 students with learning quotations. I did this same exercise last year and it worked. I know it worked because they came out of the examination and told me that it worked – they managed to retain several quotations, taking inspiration from their surroundings. I did this after a Y11 student told me that she ‘can’t think of anything in the gym. It’s so dull!’ She posed a challenge for me. We all went down to the gym (in the last 5 minutes of the lesson) and they took photos of the place. They actually did this from their seating position in the room.

Nest lesson, we planned how the quotations from one scene would fit with what they could see around them. They then went away and used the technique for the revision of the other texts. It really helped some of them, across a range of abilities.


A couple of pointers:

  • The students who found it most helpful designed their own versions. It seems to be a very personalised thing, working out which object what reminds you of what.
  • This is limited to memorising quotations. They clearly still need to know how to analyse their selections in the examination.
  • I have produced a very minimal version of this for this blog. My students managed many, many more than shown here. Some managed 3 from each scene last year.

Enough from me. I hope it helps. Comments, ideas and areas for development are always welcome.